How to recycle a meat

Indonesian use to eats Garbage ….

Yesterday I saw news TV program, I was very surprised to hear that news. It was about a home industry that sold meats to the traditional market in very low price. They got those meats from restaurants and hotel’s garbage. Ha..? Garbage!! Do you believe??

They have been selling that garbage since 5 years ago. They fried that meat before to be sold. Who bought that garbage? Indonesian people!! That news continued with a report about a special market in java. This traditional market only sells all things that were expired. I saw a mushroom in the bread. They sell milk, crackers, and even shampoo. The price is about a fourth of regular price. Are you interested?

In poverty of Indonesian people, they don’t care about their food. They just want to eat. They are hungry. Indonesian eats Garbage. They are our neighbors, our brothers and sisters… We have to do something!! Think by your self!! But, I suggest that each of us must have a dream to reduce unemployed person. What ever your job, please be usefully for your country.


I’m trying to write article in English. I’m waiting for your critic and comment..



About Hasan

manusia biasa yang punya cita-cita tak biasa... Meski telah nomaden dan merasakan hidup di Manado, Gorontalo, Yogya, Bandung dan Semarang, masih punya impian menikmati Karunia Ilahi berupa Alam Indonesia yang luas... Melalui blog ini, beberapa cuplikan pengalaman, pengtahuan, harapan hidup saya ingin ku bagi...Semoga bermanfaat!!

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  1. Im affraid to eat on warteg now!!

  2. it’s much better to eat any garbage than nothing, rite 🙂

  3. Thak you for the news

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